Selling for Top Price

Selling your property brings many questions, but one stands out: How can you maximize your profit? Our Selling for Top Price Quick Guide uncovers the strategies to boost your sale price. Download it today and let's collaborate to ensure you get the highest return on your investment. Your journey to top dollar starts here!

What's In Our Selling For Top Price Quick Guide?

Research Phase

Begin with informed decisions by diving into our detailed research insights.

Preparation Phase

Set the stage for success with our strategic preparation and home readiness tips.

Presentation Phase

Showcase your home's best features with our expert staging and presentation advice.

Offers Phase

Navigate through offers with confidence using our negotiation and acceptance strategies.


We Make Real Estate Real Simple.

Real Feedback from Real Clients

Chris expertly guided us through over 25 viewings, offering invaluable advice and insights for our first home. His friendly, no-pressure approach and keen attention to our needs made him feel like a trusted friend, ensuring we made the best investment. Deeply grateful for his exceptional dedication.


Chris Gunness at Radiate Real Estate transformed our Oshawa home sale into a seamless, warm experience; he's truly like family.

Saamandi Thavaravi

Referred to Chris for our first home; his professionalism, honesty, and market savvy helped us buy within budget.

Andrew K

Selling for Top Price
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