Rental Cash Back & Rental Guide

Renting in Toronto and the GTA is a complex undertaking, filled with forms, rules, and a long list of requirements.  Our comprehensive Renter’s Guide is designed to simplify these steps and shed light on the entire rental process. It provides insights into what you need to prepare, your rights and responsibilities, and how to make the most out of your renting experience. Unlock a smoother rental journey with our guidance, ensuring you feel at home in your new rental.

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What's In Our Renter's Guide?

Required Documents & Items

Prepare the essential paperwork needed to secure your rental smoothly and efficiently.

Forms To Be Signed

Understand the key agreements and forms that solidify your rental commitment.

After An Accepted Offer

Know the next steps after your rental offer is accepted to ensure a smooth transition.

Tenant & Landlord Rights

Stay informed about your rights and responsibilities for a harmonious renting experience.


We Make Real Estate Real Simple.

Real Feedback from Real Clients

Chris expertly guided us through over 25 viewings, offering invaluable advice and insights for our first home. His friendly, no-pressure approach and keen attention to our needs made him feel like a trusted friend, ensuring we made the best investment. Deeply grateful for his exceptional dedication.


Chris Gunness at Radiate Real Estate transformed our Oshawa home sale into a seamless, warm experience; he's truly like family.

Saamandi Thavaravi

Referred to Chris for our first home; his professionalism, honesty, and market savvy helped us buy within budget.

Andrew K

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